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LCIE statement about management of bold wolves

2019-03-06 | LCIE statement about management of bold wolves

In Europe there is public concern about the apparent lack of fear shown by some wolves living in human-dominated landscapes. These wolves are generally referred to as "bold wolves". To assist managers in making decision, the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe SSC/IUCN have developed a policy support statement on the management of bold wolves which aims to provide some general guidance.

Wolf lectures in Tarnobrzeg

2019-03-03 | Wolf lectures in Tarnobrzeg

Dr. Sabina Nowak conducted two lectures "The wolves in the neighborhood" in Tarnobrzeg town in eastern Poland, in an area inhabited by large wolf population. Lectures were part of the 3rd edition of Nature Academy organized by the Regional Centre for the Promotion of Natura 2000 site "Tarnobrzeg Vistula River Valley". First lecture was dedicated to kids, while the second one was attended by adults.

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