Association for Nature WOLF encourage Polish farmers to improve their husbandry practices, primarily to avoid attracting predators to the neighbourhood of pastures. We suggest that farmers do the following: collect smaller flocks of sheep and cattle into well-protected pens or stables for nights; increase surveillance during rainy and misty days, but also just after wolf attacks; remove carcasses of livestock from pastures and adjacent forests; and if possible organise joint grazing for all livestock from a village, with several full time employed shepherds.

We also strongly recommend the use of our native guarding dogs, Tatra Mountains Shepherd’s Dog (TMSD); the use of different types of fences such as the light mobile fences called “fladry”; electric and other types of fences. Since 2000, we have successfully introduced TMSDs and fladry into twenty sheep and cattle farms afflicted by wolf attacks in the Western Carpathian Mountains (S Poland), and in two cattle farms near the Białowieża Primeval Forest (NE Poland). We have promoted fladry and TMSD as useful tools for damage prevention since 1999, when the first of our handbooks for farmers was published. In 2006 we published a new extended handbook.

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