For organised groups we arrange seminars in the Beskidy Mountains, where the aim is to track large carnivores. You will be shown how to identify different predator and ungulate tracks and how to recognise other evidence of wolf, lynx and sametimes brown bear occurrence in the field, e.g. scats, scent marks, resting places and prey remains. You will also receive training in methods of data collection, use of field equipment and in various different research methods. Several lectures will also be given to build your knowledge of the biology, ecology, ethology and conservation problems of wolves and lynxes in Poland.

These seminars are designed for people with a particular interest in large carnivores, who will hopefully use the knowledge gained during their stay to conduct projects on, spread awareness of, or simply to achieve a better understanding of wolves and lynxes in their area. Such groups of people may be for example teachers/lecturers, foresters, hunters or students interested in beginning wolf projects in their own country. Anybody interested should note that this is a very intensive course, involving long, hard days in the field followed by lectures in the evening, leaving little time for relaxation or exploration of the region. Fieldwork can be extremely strenuous, and you should be comfortable with walking long distances (up to 15 km) in steep, rugged terrain on snow shoes. Warnings aside, you will be gaining a lot of new knowledge in a beautiful location, and you will also have a lot of fun.

Seminars will take place in the Beskidy Mountains (S Poland), about 100 km South West from Krakow, nearest big town is Bielsko-Biała.

Participants will stay in a nice, private pension located high, on Plone meadow, a remote part of Zabnica village, near Żywiec town.

Seminars will include extensive field work and lectures. Due to mountain' conditions, participants should be well equipped (good boots, warm and waterproof jacket, gaiters, small backpack, vacuum flask and torch).

The fee includes food and lodging, lectures and field trips. For futher information please contact Dr. Robert Myslajek -

If you are interested, send us an e-mail as soon as possible.

You are not required to have any knowledge of the Polish language as we are fluent in English.

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