Trans-European Wildlife Network

The project "Trans-European Wildlife Networks", which started in August 2008, is promoted by EuroNatur, the German Federal Foundation of Environment and the Frankfurt Zoological Society, with the aim to counteract the fragmentation of hitherto intact landscapes in Europe and especially on the Balkan Peninsula.

Project partners: EuroNatur (Germany), Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany), Institute for Landscape Management of the Albert-Ludwig University (Germany), Association for Bird and Nature Protection “Milvus” (Romania), Association for Nature “Wolf” (Poland), Balkani Wildlife Society (Bulgaria), Biology Department, Veterinary Faculty, University of Zagreb (Croatia), Carpathian Wildlife Society (Slovakia), Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland).

For further inquiries please contact: EuroNatur - Contact: Gabriel Schwaderer

Infra-Eco Network Europe

Association for Nature "Wolf" is a member of the Infra-Eco Network Europe (IENE) - an initiative for creating a transport infrastructure that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. The general goal of IENE is to promote a safe and sustainable pan-European transport infrastructure through recommending measures and planning procedures to conserve biodiversity, counteract landscape fragmentation, and reduce vehicular accidents and wildlife casualties. Some areas of focus are:

    * connecting fragmented habitats
    * conserving biodiversity
    * reducing wildlife casualties
    * providing ecoducts
    * counteracting landscape fragmentation
    * developing nature friendly infrastructure

To learn more about IENE please visit its webpage

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