The area
Seminars will take place in the Żywiecki Beskidy Mountains (part of Carpathians), in the Romanka Mountain range (altitude 600-1300 m), which is located in southern Poland adjacent to the border with Slovakia. The landscape is diverse, with densely forested slopes interspersed by high altitude meadows, natural mountain streams and rocky caves. This habitat is a refuge to many species of mammalian predator, ranging in size from bears, wolves and lynxes to stoats and weasels. The forest is also inhabited by red deer, roe deer and wild boar, which are important prey species for the large carnivores. The beskidy Mountains supports a wide variety of flora and fauna, including many rare and protected species.

The group will stay in a nice private pension, located on a mountain meadow in the Zywiecki Beskidy Mountains area, 200 m from a wolf area. The accommodation place is cosy and warm. Rooms have a very simple arrangement with 3-4 beds (with bedding), table, chairs and wardrobe, and a private bathroom. Some rooms have a nice bathroom in the nearest hall. There is a big dining room with a fire place, TV and a well equipped kitchen, which is for guests only.

Your basic equipment
You need good boots, comfortable strong trouses, waterproof jacket, warm flees and underwear, gaiters (gamaschen - to protect your boots and trousers against deep snow), small backpack, box for sandwich, vacuum flask, torch. You must take a towel (there are no towels available in rooms), home shoes to feel comfortable after your comming back from the forest. Note: You do not need sleeping bags, there are beddings.

Weather conditions
We can expect 50 or little more centimetres of snow, but it is not guaranteed :). The temperature can fall to 15 degrees below zero, but can be much higher, of course. So, be prepared for real winter. We will write you before your coming what's going on with the weather. We can split into two groups, less and more advanced, not to force to much these person, which fitness is little worse.

The Plone meadow - our accomodation place

The Plone meadow - our accomodation place

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