National Students Mammalogical Conference

2016-05-28 | National Students Mammalogical Conference

4th National Students Mammalogical Conference, held in Wrocław, 26-29 May 2016, was supported by the Association for Nature "Wolf". Every participant received free copy of the Manual of Livestock Protection Against Wolf Attacks, publishd this year by our society. Conference was an excellent opportunity to present studies on wolves. Thus, conference was opened by Dr. Robert Mysłajek, who gave a talk "Geneticians on the wolf tracks: how to use DNA in large carnivore research?". Than Kinga Stępniak presented a talk "Importance of visual and olfactory signs in territory marking by wolves Canis lupus", followed by presentation of Michał Figura "The use of camera traps for the monitoring of large carnivores in the Western Carpathians". Both Michał and Kinga received awards of Chairwoman of the Scientific Committee Prof. Ewa Jagodzińska for the best abstracts.

Ethological Seminar on wolves

2016-05-19 | Ethological Seminar on wolves

Dr. Robert Mysłajek gave an oral presentation about wolf behaviour during a seminar organized by the Polish Ethological Society. Event, held in the conference hall of the Nencki Institute for Experimental Biology in Warsaw, was attended by over 50 participants.

Białowieża Forest: myths and facts

2016-05-18 | Białowieża Forest: myths and facts

An article co-authored by Dr. Sabina Nowak entitled "The dispute over the future of the Białowieża Forest: myths and facts" was published in the journal "Chrońmy Przyrodę Ojczystą". Publication elaborated by several Polish experts in conservation biology and forest ecology disccused contemporary issues connected with intensive logging in the Białowieża Primeval Forest.

Science Cafe

2016-05-16 | Science Cafe

Dr. Robert Mysłajek presented a talk about a wolf communication during Science Cafe of the Festival of Science, held today in Warsaw. Talk was attented by over 70 people. Before that, Robert was a quest of the radio show in the Warsaw based Radio RDC. Programe, lasting one hour, was dedicated to the wolf ecology and conservation.

Wolves at the Festival of Fantasy

2016-05-15 | Wolves at the Festival of Fantasy

Festival of Fantasy, held in Wrocław 13-15 May, lured numerous fans of fantasy books, comics, films, TV series and games. Among other atractions, there was also Science and Technology Panel, where member of our society - Maciej Szewczyk - presented a talk comparing biological knowledge with cultural icons, such like dire wolves from the Game of Thrones. Lecture was attended by over 50 people.

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