Implementation of ecological corridors in Poland

2015-03-20 | Implementation of ecological corridors in Poland

General Directorate for Environmental Protection held a meeting of the Steering Committee of the project "Protection of biodiversity through the implementation of ecological corridors in Poland." Within the frame of the project team of experts analyze spatial management plans, as well as location and functionality of existing wildlife crossing structures on roads. The meeting was attended by Dr. Sabina Nowak - President of AfN "Wolf".

Protection of transboundary ecological corridors in Western Carpathians

2015-03-17 | Protection of transboundary ecological corridors in Western Carpathians

A meeting on the protection of ecological corridors linking the areas inhabited by large carnivores in the western part of the Carpathians was held in the headquarters of the nature park "Beskydy" in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in the Czech Republic . The meeting was attended by staff of governmental conservation agencies, national and landscape parks, scientists and representatives of non-governmental organizations from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Dr. Sabina Nowak from AfN "Wolf" presented the results of the monitoring of large predators in the Western Beskidy. Participants identified the most urgent actions regarding protection of ecological connectivity of key refuges of wolf, lynx and brown bear in Western Carpathians.

Monitoring of the rescued wolf 'Napromek'

2015-03-13 | Monitoring of the rescued wolf 'Napromek'

The wolf called 'Napromek', which was released last Monday from the rehabilitation centre to forests of NE Poland is monitored by the team of the Association for Nature "Wolf". Napromek is equiped with the collar GPS/GSM and VHF, which allow us to monitor his locations. The wolf has already walked over 12 kilometers and swam across 20m-wide river during the first four days of his stay in the wild.

Wolf lecture for the secondary school students

2015-03-12 | Wolf lecture for the secondary school students

Dr. Korneliusz Kurek - member of AfN "Wolf" Board of Directors - lead lecture on the wolf ecology ans conservation for students from the secondary school in Malbork (NE Poland).

Rescued wolf returned to forest

2015-03-09 | Rescued wolf returned to forest

After more than three months of rehabilitation a young male wolf came back to forests of north-eastern Poland. The wolf was found in a very bad condition, at November 26, 2014. Thanks to quick action of local foresters and the immediate veterinarian assisstance the wolf was captured and transported to the rehabilitation centre. After veterinary treatments and intensive, long-lasting care it finally recovered and achieved better body mass. The whole time in the rehab centre it was supervised by specialists from Association for Nature "Wolf" and finally equipped with the GPS GSM collar. Today the wolf, called "Napromek" after the name of the rehab centre, was relased into the forest near the place he was found. His locations and movement is monitored by AfN "Wolf".

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