Wolf project awarded

2015-06-29 | Wolf project awarded

Dr. Robert Mysłajek - postdoc at the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology University of Warsaw and AfN "Wolf" vice-president - has won a second award on INTER science popularization competition, organized by the Foundation for Polish Science. Prize enable his team to carry out research project focused on polymorphisms in the wolf immune response genes.

Lecture about carnivores at University of Warsaw

2015-06-19 | Lecture about carnivores at University of Warsaw

Dr Robert Mysłajek gave a talk about ecology and conservation of carnivores for the Open University of the University of Warsaw. Lecture, held in the main hall of the Old Library of the University of Warsaw was attended by over 200 people.

Wolf lecture in Gdańsk

2015-06-18 | Wolf lecture in Gdańsk

Maciej Szewczyk - member of AfN "Wolf" - gave a lecture on the wolf ecology and conservation in the main hall of the Marshal Office in Gdańsk (N Poland). Lecture was attended by several dozen students and adults.

2015-06-01 | "EcoActive 2015" Awards

Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice announced the winners of the "EcoActive 2015" awards. This annual award recognizes exceptional efforts toward the protection of the environment of the Silesian province (S Poland). This year among the recipients of the award was also Association for Nature "Wolf", which received a distinction for its outstanding work for nature conservation.

Award for the best poster

2015-05-24 | Award for the best poster

Mr. Michał Figura from the Association for Nature "Wolf" received an award for the best poster during Third Polish Students Conference of Mammalogy held in the University of Wrocław, 23-24 May, 2015. The best poster presented results of our studies on the Eurasian lynx diet in western Carpathian Mts.

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