The Night of Biologists

2018-01-12 | The Night of Biologists

Association for Nature "Wolf" was a partner of the Night of Biologists organized by the Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw. The event was attended by ca. 4,000 people, mainly students of high schools. During the Night of Biologists Dr. Robert Mysłajek gave two lectures, about ecology and conservation of wolves and badgers.

Wolves on the cover of

2018-01-05 | Wolves on the cover of "Diversity and Distributions"

An article on genetic of Carpathian wolves, co-authored by experts from the Association for Nature "Wolf", was published in the "Diversity and Distributions". Editors have choosen this article to advertise the whole issue, thus wolves appeared also on the cover.

Wolf education

2017-12-31 | Wolf education

Dr. Sabina Nowak - president of the Association for Nature "Wolf" - published an article about wolves in educational magazine for children "Wydra i przyjaciele" ["Otter and friends"]. Magazine is published by Drawa National Park (western Poland), which was recently recolonized by wolves.

Wolf lecture in Carpathians

2017-12-14 | Wolf lecture in Carpathians

Michał Figura from the Association for Nature "Wolf" gave a lecture about wolves for 140 kids from Elementary School in Węgierska Górka village. The area is situated in Western Carpathian Mountains, between two Natura 2000 sites inhabitad by wolves, as well as lynx and brown bears.

Carpathian Convention

2017-12-05 | Carpathian Convention

The 9th Meeting of the National Steering Committee of the Carpathian Convention was held at the Ministry of the Environment. The meeting was attended by representatives of institutions involved in the implementation of the Convention, including ministries of the environment, infrastructure, culture and national heritage, agriculture and rural development, and sport and tourism, as well as regional directorates for environmental protection, national parks, landscape parks and non-governmental organizations. Association for Nature "Wilk" was represented by Dr. Robert Mysłajek, who presented the effects of cross-border cooperation on the monitoring, protection and research of large predators.

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