Direct action aganst logging in Białowieża Forest

2017-05-24 | Direct action aganst logging in Białowieża Forest

Member of the Greenpeace Poland and Fundation "Wild Poland" blocked the harvester working in one of the old-growth in Białoweża Forest and erected banners saying "Stop logging!" And "Białowieża Forest should be protected as a national park". This action is a response to the continuation of the logging in the protection zone of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, despite previous calls on the European Commission to cease logging. Organization activists remain in the Forest and monitor the situation (Photo by Fundation "Wild Poland")

Lecture about wolves in Bielsko-Biała town

2017-05-24 | Lecture about wolves in Bielsko-Biała town

Michał Figura from the Association for Nature "Wolf" led a lecture on wolves in the dormitory of the "Record" Sports Association in Bielsko-Biała (southern Poland). The lecture was attended by about 20 students of the "Record" Sports School. Bielsko-Biała is a large town situated at the edge of Western Carpathian Mountains - the area is inhabited by wolves, lynx and brown bears.

Experts urge Polish Minister of Environment to stop logging in Białowieża Forest

2017-05-23 | Experts urge Polish Minister of Environment to stop logging in Białowieża Forest

Over 150 scientists met at the 2nd International Conference on Forests, held in Neuschönau, Germany, 26.-29. April 2017. Participants of the conference send a letter to Polish Minister of Environment where they stressed importance of the Białowieża Forest, and urge him to halt intensive logging. Experts argued that removal of trees and dead wood is detrimental for biodiversity. They also underlined that there are now many studies worldwide that unequivocally show that biodiversity does not benefit from salvage logging. These insights apply especially to Białowieża Forest, where the removal of spruce attacked by bark beetles endangers this old-growth forest. At the end of the letter scientists stated "Dear Prof. Szyszko, as you are in the position to influence the fate of Białowieża Forest, we, the entomologists, mycologists, botanists, ornithologists and other ecologists and foresters gathered at the 2nd International Conference on Forests would like to appeal to you as our colleague, to implement the scientific evidence available for preserving the unique status of Białowieża Forest."

Wolf lecture in Ponań

2017-05-22 | Wolf lecture in Ponań

Dr. Sabina Nowak gave a lecture about ecology of wolves recolonizing western Poland in the main hall of the Faculty of Biology Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (western Poland). Her talk was attended by over 130 people, mainly students of local universities, foresters and staff of nature conservation agencies.

Festival of the travel and reportage

2017-05-21 | Festival of the travel and reportage

Dr Sabina Nowak was an invited speaker during the Festival of the Travel and Reportage, held in Wrocław, 20-21 May 2017. Sabina gave a lecture about wolf ecology and conservation

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