The wolf freed from snare in the Drawa Forest (Western Poland) became a father

2015-07-29 | The wolf freed from snare in the Drawa Forest (Western Poland) became a father

At the end of February 2015 in the Drawa forest (near the Drawa River NP in Western Poland) local hunters found a snared adult male wolf. The animal was caught behind the belly by a thin steel cable. They immediately informed foresters from the Głusko forest division and environmentalists from the Western-Pomeranian Nature Society and the Association for Nature "Wolf". Before members of WPNA freed the wolf from a trap, in consultation with the Regional Director for Environmental Conservation in Gorzow, they decided to equip the wolf with a GPSGSM collar, which allows monitoring of the animal. Since it was not sure whether his condition allows for the immediate release, biologists from AfN Wolf contacted the veterinarian in order to carry out the examination and sampling for laboratory tests. They were also collected genetic material for further analyses. The monitoring of the wolf is conducted by environmentalists from both NGOs. Data obtained from the collar a well as data collected during wolf tracking and from camera traps monitoring have provided very interesting and even sensational information. It became clear that the rescued wolf together with his family group maintains the territory of almost 400 km2. These are mainly forests administered by two forest divisions in Głusko and Krzyż, but also the southern part of the Drawa River NP and peripherals of two adjacent forest divisions Głusko and Człopa. It was also determined that the male is the leader of the group and when stuck in snare, his female mate was already pregnant. The data collected showed that in the second half of April the pups were born. The final proofs of reproduction have become video footages from camera traps installed by members of the Association for Nature "Wolf". Biologists managed to record four healthy pups. Thanks to the GPS GSM collar is known that the male rescued from the cruel death currently carefully takes care of the offspring and regularly provides them with food. If he was killed in snare his mate alone would have to take over all parental duties. It is likely that without the quick and efficient operation of foresters, hunters and naturalists, wolf pups would not have so good care, and their survival would be uncertain. DNA analysis will allow detecting in the future the presence of adult descendants of the rescued wolf in the other forest complexes in Poland and abroad.

Wolf project awarded

2015-06-29 | Wolf project awarded

Dr. Robert Mysłajek - postdoc at the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology University of Warsaw and AfN "Wolf" vice-president - has won a second award on INTER science popularization competition, organized by the Foundation for Polish Science. Prize enable his team to carry out research project focused on polymorphisms in the wolf immune response genes.

Lecture about carnivores at University of Warsaw

2015-06-19 | Lecture about carnivores at University of Warsaw

Dr Robert Mysłajek gave a talk about ecology and conservation of carnivores for the Open University of the University of Warsaw. Lecture, held in the main hall of the Old Library of the University of Warsaw was attended by over 200 people.

Wolf lecture in Gdańsk

2015-06-18 | Wolf lecture in Gdańsk

Maciej Szewczyk - member of AfN "Wolf" - gave a lecture on the wolf ecology and conservation in the main hall of the Marshal Office in Gdańsk (N Poland). Lecture was attended by several dozen students and adults.

2015-06-01 | "EcoActive 2015" Awards

Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice announced the winners of the "EcoActive 2015" awards. This annual award recognizes exceptional efforts toward the protection of the environment of the Silesian province (S Poland). This year among the recipients of the award was also Association for Nature "Wolf", which received a distinction for its outstanding work for nature conservation.

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