Wolf seminar

2018-02-15 | Wolf seminar

Today, during seminar organized by the Polish Ethological Society, Kinga Stępniak gave a lecture about olfactory wolf marking in managed forests in northern Poland. Seminar was held in Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw.

Wolf lectures in Warsaw

2018-02-09 | Wolf lectures in Warsaw

Michał Figura from the Association for Nature "Wolf" conducted three lectures about wolf ecology and conservation for 120 students of elementary and secondary schools of the Society of Culture and Education in Warsaw.

Rescue for wolf

2018-02-04 | Rescue for wolf

In Saturday near Toruń in central Poland, a male gray wolf was struck by a car and left to die, but thankfully, a kind-hearted people stopped to help him. Unfortunatelly, the Police called hunters, who wanted to shoot the wolf to "stop his misery". Fortunatelly Marcin Kostrzyński and team local chapter of Animal Care Association stopped them. Later team of the Association for Nature "Wolf" - Sabina Nowak, Robert Myslajek and Michał Figura together with our veterinarian Izabela Całus - drive him to a re-hab centre. His new human friends named him Miko. Until he healed and was ready to be released back into the wild, however, he would be living in rehabilitation centre in Napromek.

Wolves in Drawa Forest

2018-01-31 | Wolves in Drawa Forest

We applied GPS/GSM telemetry, non-invasive genetic sampling, year-round tracking, camera trapping and howling stimulations to determine the number of family groups, population density and home-range sizes of wolves in the Drawa Forest (western Poland). Results of our studies were published in "Mammalian Biology". The number of wolves in DF increased from 14 individuals in 2013/2014 to 30 in 2016/2017. The annual rate of increase varied from 43% in 2014/2015 to 7% in the final year. Population density for the whole study area was relatively low (1.2 indiv./100 km2 in 2016/2017), but densities within territories of two packs studied with telemetry were 1.9 and 1.5 indiv./100 km2. Mean pack size varied between 3.5 and 5.6 individuals, with the largest pack comprising 8 wolves. Mean number of pups observed in summers (June-August) was 4.5. Home ranges of three collared male wolves ranged from 321.8 to 420.6 km2 (MCP 100%). Mean near neighbour distance between centres of 6 tracked pack homesites was 15.3 km. The article was co-authored by Dr. Robert Mysłajek, Maciej Tracz, Magdalena Tracz, Dr. Patrycja Tomczak, Maciej Szewczyk, Dr. Natalia Niedźwiecka and Dr. Sabina Nowak.

The Night of Wolves

2018-01-28 | The Night of Wolves

Białowieża National Park organized "The Night of Wolves", an educational event dedicated to the wolf conservation. Lectures about wolf ecology and conservation were conducted by Dr. Sabina Nowak, Dr. Robert Mysłajek, Kinga Stępniak and Tom Diserens. The event was attended by over hundred people.

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