Meeting of the Polish-German wolf working group

2019-01-22 | Meeting of the Polish-German wolf working group

Polish-German working group is a part of an official governmental Polish-German Council for Environmental Protection. Current meeting of the working group took place in the Polish Ministry of Environment in Warsaw. Meeteing was attanded by representatives of German and Polish nature protection agencies and invited experts, including Dr. Sabina Nowak and Dr. Robert Mysłajek. The meeting was devoted mainly to the evaluation of the wolf number and problems of protection of livestock against wolf's attacks.

Wolf workshop in Roztocze

2019-01-18 | Wolf workshop in Roztocze

Dr. Sabina Nowak and Dr. Robert Mysłajek conducted workshop focused on wolf ecology and monitoring in Roztocze National Park (eastern Poland). Workshop was attended by over 40 employees of both Roztocze and Polesie national parks.

Female wolf saved from snares

2019-01-03 | Female wolf saved from snares

A female wolf has been saved from snares by the team of the Associattion for Nature "Wolf" - Dr. Sabina Nowak, Izabela Całus DVM, Dr. Robert Mysłajek and Michał Figura. Forest workers spotted the trapped animal in the Rzepin Forest in western Poland. They alerted state forest service, which informed us. We traveled near 500 km to rescue wolf. We freed the wolf from snares, than our veterinarian examined her and gave the right medicines. We have equipped wolf with telemetry collar and released in to the wild.

Wolf and lynx in Roztocze region

2018-12-18 | Wolf and lynx in Roztocze region

An article entitled "Wolf Canis lupus and lynx Lynx lynx in Roztocze National Park, 2016-2017" by Dr. Robert W. Mysłajek, Dr. Przemysław Stachyra, Dr. Maciej Szewczyk, Michał Figura, Robert Stefański, Dr. Natalia Niedźwiecka and Dr. Sabina Nowak was published in 3/2018 issue of journal "Przegląd Przyrodniczy". Tracking, camera trapping and – in case of wolves – non-invasive genetic sampling based on 13 microsatellite loci, were used to determine the number of wolves and lynx in Roztocze National Park (south-eastern Poland). There were two wolf family groups breeding in the national park, which size accounted for 4-7 individuals. There were also four lynx – three males and one female – inside national park. The areas of the national park (84.8 km2) and overlapping Natura 2000 site “Roztocze Środkowe” are too small comparing to spatial requirements of wolves and lynx. Thus activities towards species protection should take under consideration also buffer zone surrounding its borders.

Wolf workshops in north-east Poland

2018-12-14 | Wolf workshops in north-east Poland

Next two workshops focused on the management of conflicts between wolves and humans were organized by the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Olsztyn (north-east Poland). Both events were attended by ca. 200 people from local communities, agrarian chambers, veterinarian inspectorates, national and landscape parks, state forest service and hunters. Lectures about wolf ecology and solving of wolf-humans conflicts were led by Dr. Sabina Nowak and Dr. Robert Mysłajek. Participants received also "Manual for livestock protection against wolf attacks" published by the Association for Nature "Wolf".

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