Wildlife trip for kids

2017-06-26 | Wildlife trip for kids

Michał Figura from the Association for Nature "Wolf" conducted field workshop for kids and their parents in Western Polish Carpathians. Families from Węgierska Górka communities gathered for two days in Rycerka Górka, when they tracked forest animals, performed art and enjoyed local fauna and flora. Workshop was a part of the project "Kids on tracks" organized by the Centre of the Promotion of the Węgierska Górka Community in co-operation with our society.

TV morning show about wolves

2017-06-11 | TV morning show about wolves

Morning show of national television TVN was dedicated to wolves. Famous Polish actress and singer Izabela Trojanowska tracked wolves in Beskid Żywiecki Mts. She was guided by Michał Figura from the Association for Nature "Wolf". Her trip was part of the Microjourney project run by Łukasz Długowski.

Wolf seminar for foresters

2017-06-10 | Wolf seminar for foresters

Regional Directorate of State Forests in Gdańsk (N Poland) organized a seminar "The wolf - a species at the interface between nature and hunting". The seminar held in Wejherowe State Forest Division was attended by over 70 foresters and specialists from nature conservation agencies. One of the key speakers was Dr. Sabina Nowak, who presented lecture about wolf recovery in northern Poland.

Rehabilitated wolf released back into the wild in Poland

2017-06-07 | Rehabilitated wolf released back into the wild in Poland

On June 7, 2017 a young, male gray wolf named Kampinos, was released into the Poland wilderness after two months of rehabilitation. He was rehabilitated at the State Forests Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation in Napromek (State Forest Division in Olsztynek). Kampinos is in good physical condition. He has been fitted with a GPS tracking collar for post-release monitoring while he adjusts to life in the wild. The Kampinos National Park was specifically chosen for her release site following extensive research by the Association for Nature "Wolf" and Conservation Genetics Group at the Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw. In March 2017, Kampinos was discovered at edges of the Kampinoski National Park where he was hit by a car. Continued monitoring of the released wolf will be implemented by the Association for Nature "Wolf".

Wolf lectures

2017-06-02 | Wolf lectures

Michał Figura from our society conducted three lectures about wolf conservation and ecology for ca. 100 students of the Copernicus High School in Bielsko-Biała, southern Poland. Bielsko-Biała town is situated just near borders of the Natura 2000 site dedicated to the wolf protection.

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