Workshop on Large Carnivores in Central Europe

2016-04-18 | Workshop on Large Carnivores in Central Europe

The third Regional Workshop of the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores is held in Berlin, Germany, 18-20 April 2016. Meeting focused on “Large Carnivores in Central Europe: Experiences in Monitoring, Management, and Communication”. The main aim of the workshop is to share ideas, examples of good practice and scientific research on the monitoring and management of large carnivores in Central Europe, with a particular focus on cross-border activities and conflict resolution between stakeholders. Workshop was attended by representatives of European Commissions and various stakeholders, like NGO, hunting associations, governmental agencies reponsible for nature conservation, and experts from Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece and Norway. Dr. Sabina Nowak from the Association for Nature "Wolf" was invited as an expert to present recovery and population dynamics of wolves in Western Poland.

Wolf workshops for kids in Poznań

2016-04-17 | Wolf workshops for kids in Poznań

Dr. Korneliusz Kurek - member of the board of the Association for Nature "Wolf", conducted workshops about wolves for Children University "Unikids" in Poznań. Wokshops, for younger (6-8 yrs) and older (9-14 yrs) kids, were held at University of Life Sciences in Poznań.

Wolf lecture in Wrocław

2016-04-15 | Wolf lecture in Wrocław

Dr. Sabina Nowak gave a talk focused on the wolf recovery in western Poland. Lecture, attended by dozens of participants, was held in the conference hall of the Zoological Garden in Wrocław.

Dancing with Nature

2016-04-13 | Dancing with Nature

Sabina Nowak and Robert Mysłajek were invited as experts to the episode of the new series of documentary movies "Dancing wit Nature", broadcasted in the Polish TV Polonia. The episode will be devoted to habitat fragmentation, wildlife crossing structures and wolves. Programme is led by famous Polish nature photographers - Tomasz and Grzegorz Kłosowski, and directed by Dorta Adamkiewicz.

Wolf lecture for students

2016-04-04 | Wolf lecture for students

Dr. Sabina Nowak - AfN "Wolf" president - gave a lecture about wolves for students of Faculty of Artes Liberales at University of Warsaw. Lecture was a part of the course "Contemporary dilemmas in nature conservation".

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