Master Thesis on wolves

2016-10-21 | Master Thesis on wolves

Next master thesis made in the co-operation with the Association for Nature "Wolf" was succesfuly defended. Her author - Anna Szczepanek - studied wolf diet in the Bory Tucholskie Forest. Thesis, elaborated at the Faculty of Biology University of Gdańsk, was supervised by Prof. Lech Stempniewicz (University of Gdańsk) and Dr. Sabina Pierużek-Nowak from our society.

Wolf lecture in Carpathians

2016-10-21 | Wolf lecture in Carpathians

Michał Figura - member of AfN WOLF Board of Directors - conducted a lecture and short field training about wolf ecology and conservation for students of technical high schools from Zabrze. Event, organized in Western Carpathians (S Poland) was attended by 18 students and two teachers.

Wolf lecture in Wrocław

2016-10-19 | Wolf lecture in Wrocław

Zbigniew Skibiński - member of the Association for Nature "Wolf" - conducted lecture about wolf conservation for 50 students of the Art High School in Wrocław (western Poland).

Conference about large carnivores in the Carpathians

2016-10-18 | Conference about large carnivores in the Carpathians

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic organised the conference "Large Carnivores' Protection in the Carpathians", held in Roznov pod Radohostem, October 18-21, 2016. Event was attended by representatives of ministries of environment, nature conservation agencies, NGO and scientists from Austria, Czechia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary. Status of large carnivores in every coutnry was presented by eksperts invited by the organisers. Invited speakers from Poland were: Dr. Sabina Nowak (presenting the wolf), Dr. Robert Mysłajek (presenting the lynx) and Prof. Nuria Selva (presenting the brown bear).

General Assembly of the Society

2016-10-08 | General Assembly of the Society

General Assembly of Members of the Association for Nature "Wolf" was held in Górki Wielki (S Poland), 8th October 2016. GA choosen members of the new Board (Sabina Pierużek-Nowak, Robert Mysłajek and Michał Figura), and Audit Committee (Tomasz Jonderko and Zbigniew Skibiński).

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