Notification to the Prosecutor's Office

2019-09-28 | Notification to the Prosecutor's Office

On 25th September 2019, the Association for Nature "Wolf" submitted to the District Prosecutor's Office in Zamość a notice of the perpetration of two offences bearing all the hallmarks of crimes under art. 35, sect. 1 of the Animal Protection Act, concurrently with art. 53, cl. 4 of the Hunting Law Act and under art. 181, par. 2 of the Penal Code, in relation to art. 11, par. 2 of the Penal Code, which took the form of shooting two wolves, i.e. the animals which are the subject to species protection under the Ordinance of the Minister of Environment of 16th December 2016, concerning the animal species protection. The events took place in the period from March to September 2019, within the Regional Prosecutor’s Office’s area of jurisdiction in Zamość. One of the shot wolves was Kosy, killed on 12th September 2019 on the edge of Roztocze NP. The second wolf was a young female, shot from a firearm in March 2019, a short distance from Roztocze NP. Genetic analyses showed that she was the daughter of Kosy's sister, who was breeding in a neighbouring family group, which uses the areas located on the east of RNP. In addition, we reported that on the basis of the collected materials from video traps, there is a reasonable suspicion that in the aforementioned period one more wolf was seriously injured from the firearms in the immediate vicinity of the RNP, which resulted in his death. He was a wolf from the Kosy’s group. Along with the notification, we submitted all the materials we have collected, and we also asked to be considered the party in the proceedings in accordance with art. 39 of the Animal Protection Act.

Habilitation for the vice-president of the Association

2019-09-23 | Habilitation for the vice-president of the Association

The Council of the Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw awarded Robert Mysłajek, the vice-president of the Association for Nature "Wolf", the habilitation in the biological sciences. The habilitation, which is a degree higher than Ph.D. in Polish academic system, was devoted to factors influencing the protection of large carnivores in human-dominated Landscapes. The reviewers in the habilitation were Prof. Mirosław Ratkiewicz (University of Bialystok), Prof. Nuria Selva Fernandez (Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Sciences) and Prof. Dries Kuijper (Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences). The Habilitation Commission was led by Prof. Paweł Koteja from the Jagiellonian University.

Kosy and Miko are dead

2019-09-13 | Kosy and Miko are dead

Two wolves - Kosy and Miko - have been shot by hunters. Kosy was shot yesterday on the edge of Roztocze National Park, while Miko on 14th of August, near Kluczbork town. Kosy was a breeding male in a family group living in Roztocze National Park, who was raising cubs in this season. We put the GPS/GSM collar on Kosy along with staff of RNP in January this year. The wolf was shot yesterday early in the morning from a hunter's hide, a moment after emerging on the fields adjacent to the national park. The wolf was a six-year-old male weighing more than 40 kg, the biggest one we ever recorded on the video traps in Roztocze, he was in an excellent condition. Kosy was also a caring father, he regularly returned from hunting to his cubs with food. Debra, the cubs’ mother, is now left without a partner and the most important food provider for her four-month-old ones. Miko, the wolf we managed to save after a road collision near Toruń, in early February 2018, along with Marcin Kostrzyński and members of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was rehabilitated in the Rehabilitation Centre in Napromek and after he had received all the necessary treatment, he was released in Bydgoszcz Forest in March 2018. From there he came this year to the woods around Olesno and Kluczbork, having covered several hundred kilometers. He was shot on 14th of August at night around the village of Biadacz, near Kluczbork, in a field surrounded by three hunter's hides. His collar was removed, and it was buried in the forest. In both cases, we called the police immediately. We hope that the data from the GPS/GSM collar will help capture the perpetrators. Telemetric research exposes the massive scale of law violations by hunters.

Workshop on the impact of the habitat fragmentation on large carnivores

2019-09-04 | Workshop on the impact of the habitat fragmentation on large carnivores

Along with the Euronatur Foundation, we held a workshop on 2-4 September in the Żywiecki Beskid Mountains, devoted to the fragmentation of the large carnivore habitats by the road infrastructure. The meeting was aimed at exchanging experiences between experts from three neighbouring countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, which share the same populations of wolves, lynxes and bears. The workshop was attended by representatives of the Czech association Hnuti Duha - Dr. Miroslav Kutal, Dr. Martin Duľa, and Jiří Labuda, the Slovakian Carpathian Wildlife Society - Dr. Michaela Skuban and Dr. Slavomir Findo, the Euronatur - Magdalena Kulich and the Association for Nature "Wolf" - Dr. Sabina Nowak, Dr. Robert Mysłajek and Michał Figura.

Opinion on the amendments to the Species Conservation Ordinance

2019-08-20 | Opinion on the amendments to the Species Conservation Ordinance

The Association for Nature "Wolf" has negatively reviewed the draft amendments to the Ordinance of the Minister of Environment on animal species conservation, especially records, which stated that forest management practices do not harm protected species, and can be conducted without restrictions.

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