Wolf lectures in Iceland

2017-02-22 | Wolf lectures in Iceland

Dr. Korneliusz Kurek from the Association for Nature "Wolf" conducted lectures entitled "From grey wolves to the wolves of the sea... Is a wolf protection in Poland useful example for whale protection?" in Reykjavík, Iceland. Events were organized by Iceland branch of the International Fund for Animal Welfare in co-operation with Special Tours. Lectures attracted mostly guides working in whale watching bussiness and volunteers from SEEDS Iceland.

Wolf lecture in Celestynów

2017-02-12 | Wolf lecture in Celestynów

Katarzyna Tołkacz from our society conducted lecture about wolf ecology and conservation for people attending the open day of the Centre of Forest Education in the Celestynów Forest District, near Warszawa. The event attracted dozen kids and their paretnts.

Night of Biologists

2017-01-13 | Night of Biologists

Night of Biologists is a one of the biggest event popularising biological sciences in Poland. This year our society was involved in events held at the Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw. Members of the society teamed up with scientists from the Conservation Genetics Group and organised special display dedicated to the wolf ecology and conservation. Our display, led by Katarzyna Tołkacz, Kinga Stępniak, Natalia Niedźwiecka, Karolina Porębna, Maciej Szewczyk and Robert Mysłajek, attracted hundreds of high school students, kids from elementary schools and its parents. Later on Dr. Robert Mysłajek gave a talk about Eurasian lynx in the main faculty lecture hall.

An article on the Białowieża Forest

2017-01-05 | An article on the Białowieża Forest

Dr. Sabina Nowak - president of AfN WOLF - co-authored an article "The Białowieża Forest – a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site – protection priorities" in the Forest Research Papers - the scientific journal of the Polish Forest Research Institute. The article focused on the issues connected with the conservation of the Białowieża Forest - the very last fragment of the temperate natural forests in European lowlands, and an important wolf refuge.

Wolf lecture in Roztocze National Park

2017-01-04 | Wolf lecture in Roztocze National Park

Sabina Nowak and Robert Mysłajek gave a lecture about ecology and conservation of the wolf for the staff of the Roztocze National Park. Lecture was attended by 30 people responsible for the wildlife management, education and nature monitoring in the national park. Roztocze National Park is situated in south-east Poland, near Polish-Ukraine state border, and is inhabited by both wolves and lynx.

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