Wolf seminar in Wrocław ZOO

2019-05-21 | Wolf seminar in Wrocław ZOO

Wrocław zoological garden organized a wolf scientific seminar, attended by 140 people. Seminar was a part of the educational project dedicated to the wolf education. During seminar Dr. Sabina Nowak gave two talks „Wolves our neighbours" and „Geneticians on the wolf tracks".

Conservation Medicine

2019-05-15 | Conservation Medicine

Dr. Sabina Nowak presented a talk dedicated to the wolf and lynx rehabilitation and post-release monitoring during a workshop "Conservation Medicine in the Anthropocene", which was organized by the Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków.

Wolf lecture during CSR gala

2019-04-16 | Wolf lecture during CSR gala

Dr. Sabina Nowak conducted lecture about wolves during a gala of Coroprate Social Responsibility Awards of the "Polityka" magazine. Event was organized in Warsaw, and attended by representatives of largest Polish companies.

Lecture about lynx

2019-04-13 | Lecture about lynx

Dr. Sabina Nowak gave a lecture about lynx ecology and conservation for students of the veterinary medicine. Lecture was a part of the second edition of seminar "Saturday for cats" organized by the company Royal Canin in Congress Centre of the University of Agriculture in Kraków.

Wolf seminar in Biebrza National Park

2019-03-30 | Wolf seminar in Biebrza National Park

Biebrza National Park organized a seminar dedicated to the wolf ecology and conservation. The seminar was attended by 160 people, mainly naturalists. During the event Dr. Sabina Nowak gave a lecture focused on the wolf's private life, while Dr. Robert Mysłajek presented lectures about wolf's genetics.

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