LEcture about wolves at University of Silesia

2018-03-16 | LEcture about wolves at University of Silesia

Dr. Sabina Nowak gave a lecture about wolf recovery in western Poland at Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection University of Silesia in Katowice. Lecture was attended by several dozen of researchers and students of the University of Silesia.

Rehabilitated wolves released back into the wild in Poland

2018-03-03 | Rehabilitated wolves released back into the wild in Poland

Team of our society - Dr. Sabina Nowak, Izabela Całus DVM, and Dr. Robert Mysłajek, together with foresters from Olsztynek Forest Division, released an adult male and a young female wolves into the Polish wilderness after rehabilitation. Male wolf, called Miko, was hit by a car and transported by us to re-hab centre in Napromek, while female wolf - called Harda, was earlier found in eastern Poland. Both wolves equipeed with GPS/GSM collars were released in Bydgoszcz Forest.

Wolf seminar

2018-02-15 | Wolf seminar

Today, during seminar organized by the Polish Ethological Society, Kinga Stępniak gave a lecture about olfactory wolf marking in managed forests in northern Poland. Seminar was held in Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw.

Wolf lectures in Warsaw

2018-02-09 | Wolf lectures in Warsaw

Michał Figura from the Association for Nature "Wolf" conducted three lectures about wolf ecology and conservation for 120 students of elementary and secondary schools of the Society of Culture and Education in Warsaw.

Rescue for wolf

2018-02-04 | Rescue for wolf

In Saturday near Toruń in central Poland, a male gray wolf was struck by a car and left to die, but thankfully, a kind-hearted people stopped to help him. Unfortunatelly, the Police called hunters, who wanted to shoot the wolf to "stop his misery". Fortunatelly Marcin Kostrzyński and team local chapter of Animal Care Association stopped them. Later team of the Association for Nature "Wolf" - Sabina Nowak, Robert Myslajek and Michał Figura together with our veterinarian Izabela Całus - drive him to a re-hab centre. His new human friends named him Miko. Until he healed and was ready to be released back into the wild, however, he would be living in rehabilitation centre in Napromek.

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