To the west - wolves and moose on the way

2014-10-17 | To the west - wolves and moose on the way

International conference "To the west - wolves and moose on the way" was held by the Polish-German Conference Centre „Schloss Criewen“ on 16-17 October 2014. Among invited speakers were two from the Association for Nature "Wolf": Dr. Korneliusz Kurek with a talk entitled "Use of wildlife crossing structures by wolves in Poland" and Katarzyna Tołkacz, M.Sc. with a talk entitled "Wolves west to the Vistula river, Poland - population dynamics and future prospects".

New wolf book coming in January 2015

2014-06-12 | New wolf book coming in January 2015

The White Horse Press, Cambridge, UK, announced that a book entitled "A Fairytale in Question: historical interactions between humans and wolves", edited by Dr. Patrick Masius and Dr. Jana Sprenger, will be released in January 2015. International in range and chronological in organisation, this volume aims to grasp the maincurrents of thought about interactions with the wolf in modern history. It focuses on perceptions, interactions and dependencies, and includes cultural and social analyses as well as biological aspects. Wolves have been feared and admired, hunted and cared for. At the same historical moment, different cultural and social groups have upheld widely diverging ideas about the wolf. Fundamental dichotomies in modern history, between nature and culture, wilderness and civilisation and danger and security, have been portrayed in terms of wolf–human relationships. The wolf has been part of aesthetic, economic, political, psychological and cultural reasoning albeit it is nowadays mainly addressed as an object of wildlife management. There has been a major shift in perception from dangerous predator to endangered species, but the big bad fairytale wolf remains a cultural icon. This volume roots study of human–wolf relationships coherently within the disciplines of environmental and animal history for the first time. One chapter, entitled "Not an Easy Road to Success: The History of Exploitation and Restoration of the Wolf Population in Poland after World War Two" was co-authored by Dr. Robert Mysłajek and Dr. Sabina Nowak - both from the Association for Nature "Wolf".

Launch of the EU platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores

2014-06-10 | Launch of the EU platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores

European Commission host the launching ceremony and first working session of the EU platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores. Members of the Platform share and exchange experience aimed at finding commonly agreed solutions to conflicts arising from coexistence of people with large carnivores. A number of European stakeholder organizations will join the Platform and sign an agreement on the key principles of engagement in its activities, under the auspices of Commissioner Janez Potocnik. The signature ceremony will take place on 10 June 2014 at 10.00 in the Committee of the Regions, 101 Rue Belliard, Brussels. Meeting was attended by Dr. Sabina Nowak - president of the Association for Nature "Wolf" and member of the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe IUCN.

Wild Not Savage concert

2014-05-16 | Wild Not Savage concert

American School of Warsaw, Poland, organized a concert entitled "Wild not savage" within a frame of the project raising awareness of the value of wolves, which was initiated by the 5th graders and conducted with a support of the Association for Nature "Wolf". Concert was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy varied musical styles and great musicians including special guests: The Maxime Trio (Maksym Rzeminski-piano, Anna Ceglińska-violin, Barbara Piotrowska-cello) and Natalia Kaczorowska; three times winner of the TV Show Szansa na Sukces and a singer with the Maryla Rodowicz Band since 2009. Other artists performing include Giulia Blada, Marcin Skoczylas, Noli Embradora, Yasmin Schancer, Bartek Dzikowski, and 5th grade students of the ASW. The even was attended by Katarzyna Tołkacz - member of the AfN "Wolf" Advisory Board, who held a lecture about wolves for 5th grads in December 2013.

Easter feast of the lynx

2014-04-28 | Easter feast of the lynx

During the last Easter the team of the Association for Nature "Wolf" recorded with the camera trap a female of the Eurasian lynx foraging on a roe deer. Video footages were taken in the Natura 2000 site "Beskid Żywiecki" (Western Carpathians, S Poland) designated to protect habitats of large carnivores.

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