Carpathian Convention

2017-12-05 | Carpathian Convention

The 9th Meeting of the National Steering Committee of the Carpathian Convention was held at the Ministry of the Environment. The meeting was attended by representatives of institutions involved in the implementation of the Convention, including ministries of the environment, infrastructure, culture and national heritage, agriculture and rural development, and sport and tourism, as well as regional directorates for environmental protection, national parks, landscape parks and non-governmental organizations. Association for Nature "Wilk" was represented by Dr. Robert Mysłajek, who presented the effects of cross-border cooperation on the monitoring, protection and research of large predators.

Lecture about wolf rehabilitation

2017-11-25 | Lecture about wolf rehabilitation

1st Polish Conference "Wild animals around us - welfare of wild-living species, rehabilitation and ethical treatment" was organized in Warsaw, Poland, by the society People for Animals ANIWEL. During the conference Dr. Robert Mysłajek gave a lecture about rehabilitation of wild wolves.

Large Carnivore Seminar

2017-11-24 | Large Carnivore Seminar

Association for Nature WOLF organized week-long Large Carnivore Seminar for students of the Wiltshire College Lackham. Workshop was focused on the ecology, research methods and conservation of the wolf, lynx and brown bear. Students tracked lynx and wolves in Carpathian Mountains. Lectures and field trainings were conducted by Michał Figura, Dr. Sabina Nowak and Dr. Robert Mysłajek.

Genetics of wolves in Carpathian Mountains

2017-11-21 | Genetics of wolves in Carpathian Mountains

International team of scientists from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania published article focused on the genetics of wolves inhabiting Carpathian Mountains. Paper, entitled Wolves at the crossroad: Fission–fusion range biogeography in the Western Carpathians and Central Europe" appeared today in "Diversity and Distributions". Article was co-authored by specialists from the Association for Nature "Wolf" and Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw - Dr. Robert Mysłajek, Dr. Sabina Nowak, Dr. Natalia Niedźwiecka, Maciej Szewczyk and Michał Figura. Reaserchers confirmed the separate status of the population within the European plain versus the Carpathian Mountains. They also identified no first stages of wolf–dog hybridization within the study area. Low haplotype diversity ascertained in the Western Carpathians is in concordance with a presumption of higher impacts of anthropogenic eradication and fragmentation within Central Europe in comparison with more continuous eastern populations.

Wolf lecture in Węgierska Górka

2017-11-17 | Wolf lecture in Węgierska Górka

Michał Figura conducted a lecture about wolves during Literary Tearoom organized in the Primary School in Węgierska Górka in Western Carpathian Mountains.

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