Livestock protection in western Carpathians

2017-07-20 | Livestock protection in western Carpathians

Next set of fladry (an ancient method of hunting wolves now applied as livestock protection measure) was delivered to sheep breeder in western Carpathian Mountains. Fladry were produced within a wolf protection project supported by the EuroNature.

European Commission refers Poland to the Court of Justice

2017-07-13 | European Commission refers Poland to the Court of Justice

Today press release of the European Commission stated that Commission has decided to refer Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU for increased logging in the Białowieża Forest, which is a protected Natura 2000 site.As logging operations have started on a significant scale, the Commission is also requesting the Court for interim measures compelling Poland to suspend the works immediately. On 25 March 2016, the Polish authorities adopted a decision allowing for a three-fold increase in logging operations in the Białowieża Forest district, as well as for logging in areas so far excluded from any intervention. These measures - which include the removal of century old trees - pose a major threat to the integrity of this Natura 2000 site. The Natura 2000 site protects species and habitats that are dependent on old-growth forests, including the availability of dead wood. For some of these species, the Białowieża Forest is the most important or the last remaining site in Poland. The available evidence shows that these measures are not compatible with the conservation objectives of the site and exceed those necessary for ensuring the sustainable use of the forest. In addition, the decision was preceded by an inappropriate assessment of the impacts of the measures on the Natura 2000 site. In April 2017, the Commission issued a reasoned opinion urging Poland to refrain from large scale logging and giving Poland one month to comply. In spite of this, Poland has begun to implement its plan.

Ecological education with music

2017-07-09 | Ecological education with music

Dr. Robert Mysłajek in company with The New Warsaw Trio led educational event focused on voices of Nature. Lecture was attended by ca. 500 people, mostly children and their parents. Event, held in the Main Library of the Warsaw University, was organized by the Open University of the University of Warsaw.

UNESCO supports protection of Białowieża Forest

2017-07-05 | UNESCO supports protection of Białowieża Forest

UNESCO World Heritage Committee strongly urges Polish government to immediately halt all logging and wood extraction in old-growth forests. This decision was adopted today after a stormy discussion on the 41st session of the World Herritage UNESCO Committee in Krakow (Poland). A second UNESCO mission will be sent to Białowieża to assess the impact of the resent logging and decide whether the Białowieża Forest should be included in the List of Threatened Heritages.

Save Białowieża Forest

2017-07-04 | Save Białowieża Forest

Next protest against intensive logging in the Białowieża Forest was organized today in Kraków. Hundreds of people gathered in the front of the congress centre where debated delegates of the 41st UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Protesters wanted to show, that logging is threatening unique values of the Białowieża Forest, which is mentioned at the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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