Rescued wolf

2015-02-25 | Rescued wolf

On Sunday, February 22, in the vicinity of the town Dobiegniew (NW Poland) an adult male wolf was found captured with a poacher's snare. The release of the wolf involved foresters from the Głusko State Forest Division, members of the Zachodniopomorskie Towarzystwo Przyrodnicze, the Association for Nature "Wolf", local hunters, the Police and veterinarians. Preliminary veterinarian analysis of blood samples taken from the wolf commissioned by our society confirmed that the wolf was healthy. Future analysis of his DNA will determine its kinship with one of the wolf family groups living in the surrounding forests. The wolf is currently monitored with GPS GSM collar. Local Police is investigating the case of wolf poaching.

Key actions for large carnivores in Europe

2015-02-09 | Key actions for large carnivores in Europe

International team of experts, including Dr. Sabina Nowak from the Association for Nature "Wolf", prepared for the European Commission a report "Key actions for Large Carnivore populations in Europe". The document compiles recommendations for the most important key actions on brown bear, Eurasian lynx, wolf and wolverine, going to the level of the recognized populations.

Fairytaile in question - a new book on wolves

2015-02-07 | Fairytaile in question - a new book on wolves

White Horse Press, Cambridge, UK, published a book "Fairytaile in question: Historical interactions between humans and wolves" edited by Dr. Patrick Masius and Dr. Jana Sprenger. One chapter by Dr. Robert Mysłajek and Dr. Sabina Nowak focused on the history of exploitation and restoration of the wolf population in Poland after World War Two.

Wolves in the University of Warsaw magazine

2015-01-30 | Wolves in the University of Warsaw magazine

An interview with Dr. Robert Mysłajek - AfN "Wolf" vice-president and University of Warsaw postdoc - was published in the January issue of the University of Warsaw magazine. Robert talked about wolves and the popularization of science.

Wolf lecture

2015-01-28 | Wolf lecture

Dr. Patrycja Tomczak - an assistant profesor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and member of the Association for Nature "Wolf" - gave a lecture about wolves in Bolewice village near Noteć forest, NW Poland. Lecture was organised within a frame of the Miedzichów University of the Third Age.

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